Equipment – Vannpax

VANNPAX continuously evolves, and our in-house engineering team is always looking for a new challenge. We custom design and manufacture packaging systems and machines, providing solutions to our international customer footprint on an ongoing basis.

Our design team designed the prevalent 1002 cartoning machine which is currently in very high demand.  This machine allows you to manually place your product in a display carton after which it is placed on the infeed of the machine.  The carton is then automatically glued and closed by the machine.

In 2020 VANNPAX added the 1003 Self-Locking Tray Erector machine to its ever-growing range of customized machines.  The 1003 can handle between 15 -20 cartons per minute.

Our engineering team designs new machines to ensure productivity and cost saving measures for our customers.  Our goal is simple but effective, to provide a workable solution the address the customer’s specific requirement.

Machine Descriptions

1203 – Vannpax Automatic Tea Bag counting and stacking system

A fresh and newly designed solution for teabag counting and stacking. Designed and manufactured by Vannpax in their workshop in Paarl. Although this design was focused on tea processing it could probably be modified for a flat sachet-like product as well.

1002 – Vannpax Manual Cartoner with automatic gluing system

The Model 1002 manual cartoner was developed and designed for the entry-level market to close Display Cartons with an automatic Gluing System. Product is manually loaded in the carton and placed into the 1002 Manual Cartoner to be automatically glued and closed. This low maintenance machine can handle different formats without any change parts and can run up to 40 cartons/min.

1003 – Vannpax Self-Lock Tray Erector

It is an automatic self-lock tray forming machine. Carton magazines need to be filled manually and the machine will stop automatically if the minimum level sensor is activated. During the run cycle vacuum suckers collect the flat tray and move it into the forming section. Short tray flaps are folded 90˚ by the stage 1 pusher. Once completed the tray is pushed into the stage 2 position where flaps are folded into their lock positions. The cycle repeats itself once the tray pushers are in the front position.

1009 – Vannpax Automatic Cartoner

Fully automatic display cartoner includes:


1102 – Vannpax Tin Lid Remover

Challenge: Lids of tins are manually removed before the tin can be filled with product. 

Solution: Vannpax is required to come up with a solution to remove the lids automatically.

1202 – Index Paper cup Filler

Challenge: Paper cups to be automatically filled with product and sealed with foil.  To include an automatic lid unscrambler. 

Solution: Vannpax rotary index filler with lid unscrambler.

2090 – Vannpax Plug Inserter Press

Challenge: Plugs are manually inserted into a tin after being filled with product.

Solution: Vannpax designs and manufactures a simple yet effective system where the tin is manually placed and the plug pneumatically inserted.