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Johann van Niekerk and Simon Daniels from the DFT Group met in 2018, and the synergies to combine their expertise and knowledge in the food packaging industry were realised.

The DFT Group and IPA were already actively supplying many blue-chip FMCG companies within South Africa. Adding VANNPAX to the group brought in additional knowledge and market experience that made for a fantastic partnership and further strengthened the group’s position in South Africa.

VANNPAX has evolved into a fully-fledged FMCG Packaging Line Supplier with independent project management, design, manufacturing and service support departments. Where the need arises, we will also design and build tailor-made machines that require specific operational requirements.

VANNPAX believes in building partnerships with customers for the long run, creating further optimisations and efficiencies within their factories so that their products are both successful in the marketplace and profitable for their businesses.

“It is extremely important that we guide our customers to obtain the correct equipment for their specific application and not just sell machines” says Johann.

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